A Celebration of Sunflowers: Argentina’s Golden Seeds.

Petroagro is a company built on that most relentless of natural forces, the power of a young man’s dream.

Roberto Coronel was just 24 when he established a seed distribution business in Carmen de Areco, a town two hours west of Buenos Aires. As the seed trade prospered, Roberto began planting his own seeds, focusing on speciality crops such as a pure variety of high-oleic sunflowers that has attracted the attention of many global buyers, including One Degree.

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imgres2015 edition of the «Natural Products Expo West», the International Fair of Natural and Organic Products. They offer their offer the producers of all types of merchandise referred to the sector, especially food and also raw materials. The international sectors are the most expected by visitors, who will seek to source the best of the world’s export sector. Petroagro was there!

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